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When it comes down to pure performance, the Green Man Combi system out-weighs any other grow system. With a dual, combination feeding mechanism, the Green Man Combi System is both a Deep Water Culture unit and a Dripper system. Feeding from the top of the root zone and direct from the bottom simultaneously, for some serious Hydroponic yields with a quality of flower that is unrivalled.


The Green Man Combi System has a massive capacity for growth, 40L infact. That's a total volume for the all important root zone to fill. Which as we all know, a: 

larger root ball = a bigger plant

and a: 

bigger plant = huge yields

it's as simple as that, giving your plants the space and environment to thrive and fill, encourages them grow to fill that space and with an optimised environment for the root zone, your plants will flourish and give you high-quality crops, lots of them.


Each individual pot of The Green Man Combi System has it's own unique reservoir under the inner basket. This reservoir is a nutrient-rich solution allowing your plants to feed as much as they need.


In the Green Man Combi System this solution becomes massively Oxygenated by using a 4" Round Airstone that pumps loads of Oxygen into the reservoir. This increases the amount of Oxygen your plants take in.

Oxygen is a key element that plants need to grow and thrive, with elevated levels, plants have a super-hero like strength and capable of producing fruits and flowers like no other!


As the Green Man System was designed for serious growers, where even the smallest changes can make a huge difference. You'll notice the raised, wedged, sloping bottom. This is to maximise drainage when either doing a water change or (if you're running a multipot setup) the nutrient solution is being pulled back to the reservoir.

Along with the internal channel in the centre, you can be sure that 100% of your water is fully drained.

The raised wedge also protects your plants' roots from the surface your pot is placed. For example, if you were to place an ordinary plant pot onto a cold concrete surface, your plants would suffer from cold shock and not grow. With the Green Man System, you never have to worry about this.

More than that, the small semi-circular holes in the wedge allow airflow under the pot preventing stagnated air from building up.


The dripper part of the Green Man Combi System is completely air-powered. Airline attaches to the back of the Water Pump Column (the central pipe that connects the Dripper Ring to the reservoir below. Your nutrient solution is then drawn up the pipe and "drips" through the circular watering ring.

The Green Man System Watering Ring sits around your plants' stem and feeds your plant all the way around the plant base. Ensuring even feeding throughout, making sure your plant fully develops in 360˚.


In every Green Man System pot there is a unique and specific placeholder that neatly fits a 4" round airstone. This keeps it held firmly in place whilst air is rushing through it preventing loud noises from the airstone crashing and banging inside the pot. 

Eliminating unwanted noise from your grow system for them times when it's better to be discreet.

You'll also notice small ridges in the corners of the Green Man System pot, these clever little notches stop your 4mm airline (connected to the airstone) from getting kinked and squashed. Preventing air failure in your pots.


Unlike a regular plant pot, where you fill up the pot with grow media and put your plants in, in the Green Man Combi System you need an internal pot.

That's where the Inner Basket comes in. Being a pure Hydroponic grow system means your plants will need to be supported above the reservoir in the main pot enabling the root zone to flourish in the nutrient solution.

The Green Man System inner basket comes packed with features that both novices and pros love and makes growing specimen plants so easy.

Firstly theres a large inspection flap that lets you have access to the plants' root ball, it also allows you to be in full control of your nutrient levels, pH and water levels whether you're growing with one pot or one hundred.

The holes all over the basket gives your plants' roots premium access to the nutrients and water in the reservoir below, without compromising plant stability.

As the Green Man Combi System is designed to grow huge specimen plants, we've added a grooved 'grid section' at the base of the basket. This provides essential support for even the biggest of plants by giving the root system a 'key' to grab hold of and support the huge weight of the plant.


The Green Man Combi System is both an outstanding, stand alone, self contained system and an all out powerhouse of a multipot system.

Connect your pots up to a Green Man System Brain Controller and a Green Man System Reservoir then you can enjoy fully automated and regular feeding of your plants over a series of pots.

The only thing you'll have to do is maintain your reservoir tank.





More Power To You!

The newly designed Green Man System, both Combi and Flood & Drain now come with 19mm ø fittings and pipe work. Why is this great? This makes the whole Green Man System much more efficient and smoother running. It feeds your plants faster and drains quicker than ever before, it prevents blockages and build up that can happen with standard 13mm pipe line. The new 19mm Pot fixture keeps your system more stable than ever making your Green Man System much more durable.


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