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Blooming Massive With Bloom #3

Genesis Formula Bloom #3

Bloom the way you've never bloomed before

Every nutrient system contains a bloom variant of some description, normally, it's a pre-determined mix of essential nutes that are targeted to plant growth and development generally, not specifically. Experienced growers demand more and want to actually target optimum plant development and alter their feeding solution to provide the exact nutrients their plants need at any given time, this will increase bud-site production and ultimately finish with higher yields per plant. The Genesis Formula 3-part system allows you to do this with remarkable accuracy by altering the mix ratios between the Microbase, Grow #2 and Bloom #3.

Rather than having two separate 'mixtures' one for the Veg. stage and one for Flower, The Genesis Formula is to be used in different mix ratios throughout the entire life-cycle of the plant, because plant development isn't only about those two key stages. It's like if you fancied Chinese food for dinner and just ended up with a bag of prawn crackers from the supermarket, it's just not cutting the mustard and it's a crap alternative to that slap up Chinese with noodles, duck and sweet and sour pork balls you wanted. your plants are no different. They know exactly what sort of food they want and if you can provide it they'll out-perform every single time.

Genesis Bloom Nutrient #3 is lower in nitrogen and has higher proportions of phosphorus and potassium to promote rooting and are absolutely essential during flower and fruit production. The unique blend of pure elemental ingredients encourage flower bud formation and enhance the later stages of plant development boosting your plants' uptake of phosphorus and potassium to stimulate vigorous blossoms and fruit production for monstrous yields whilst accelerating growth and flowering for an early harvest.

For a look at our refined feeding schedule click here our feeding program has been specifically developed for the growing of high producing specimen crops.

Produced in the U.S.A, all of the Genesis Formula Nutrient range contains only the highest grade raw minerals and supplied in a ridiculously powerful concentrated mush paste that requires diluting before use. Why do this? Why not? The essential ingredients are all in there, minus water, so when you buy a bottle of Genesis Formula nutrient you're only paying for the actual ingredients, not the added water. Even better than this though, because of the levels of concentration in the mush, it never loses its potency. Once activated with water you'll have in your hands the FRESHEST nutrients available to buy.

The Genesis Formula three part nutrient is suitable for use in any grow system, whether it's Hydro, Coco or Soil (although we have an even easier Coco A+B specific feed available) the Genesis Formula performs every time!

Activating your bottle of nutrient is easy, it's just a posh word for diluting the bottle and getting it ready for use. You unscrew the lid and pour in boiling water up to about 2/3rds full, replace the cap and shake it up until fully mixed, all of the crystals at the bottom of the bottle should have fully dissolved. Once you have an even mix, top the bottle right up to the top, with the rest of the boiling water. Your nutrient is now ready to use. That's why all of the nutrients in the Genesis Formula range come supplied in clear bottles so you can see when your solution is fully mixed and ready to go.

Available Sizes:

Quart / 0.946L

Gallon / 3.78L

2.5 Gallons / 9.46L

NPK: 6, 15, 17

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