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WTF?! Liquid Sand?!

Genesis Formula Liquid Sand

Go From Good...To GREAT

Plants can sometimes suffer in high intensity growing environments, the heat and accelerated growth can sometimes be a bit too much on their stems and leaves, causing damage to the plants cell-structure and ability to take up food. This will eventually mean one thing, a bad crop, well, a lower yielding crop than usual. Liquid Sand gives you a bit of leeway with your growing methods and external ambient temperatures which seems like it's constantly working against you.

Liquid Sand is a Potassium-Silicate supplement that enhances the cell structure in your plant, enabling your plants to produce broader, thicker leaves, increasing photosynthesis. The silicates within the mix encourage the plant to become meaty, with huge stems and arms to support the extra weight. It boosts your plants' immune system. making it much more resilient to extreme temperature shifts whether its a shift towards being too hot or dropping suddenly to cooler temps. with Liquid Sand your plants can still carry on doing what the do best.

The Potassium boost your plants will get from Liquid Sand invigorates fresh root growth, powering the root ball into overdrive and you will actually see the root development of your plants explode on a daily basis. The root mass of your plants are like it's engine, adding Liquid Sand into your nutrient solution will turn your roots into an Aston Martin DB8 rather than an Audi A4.

You can use Liquid Sand with any nutrient solution but for the very best results, use it with the Genesis Formula Nutrients. For a look at our refined feeding schedule click here our feeding program has been specifically developed for the growing of high producing specimen crops.

Produced in the U.S.A, all of the Genesis Formula Nutrient range contains only the highest grade raw minerals and supplied in a ridiculously powerful concentrated mush paste that requires diluting before use. Why do this? Why not? The essential ingredients are all in there, minus water, so when you buy a bottle of Genesis Formula nutrient you're only paying for the actual ingredients, not the added water. Even better than this though, because of the levels of concentration in the mush, it never loses its potency. Once activated with water you'll have in your hands the FRESHEST nutrients available to buy.

The Genesis Formula nutrients and additives are suitable for use in any grow system, whether it's Hydro, Coco or Soil (although we have an even easier Coco A+B specific feed available) the Genesis Formula performs every time!

Activating your bottle of nutrient is easy, it's just a posh word for diluting the bottle and getting it ready for use. You unscrew the lid and pour in boiling water up to about 2/3rds full, replace the cap and shake it up until fully mixed, all of the crystals at the bottom of the bottle should have fully dissolved. Once you have an even mix, top the bottle right up to the top, with the rest of the boiling water. Your nutrient is now ready to use. That's why all of the nutrients in the Genesis Formula range come supplied in clear bottles so you can see when your solution is fully mixed and ready to go.

Available Sizes:

Quart / 0.946L

Gallon / 3.78L

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