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The 3-Part Feed Chart

Genesis Formula 3-part Feed Chart

If you've never used a 3-part nutrient solution before or are completely new to the Genesis Formula, understanding the feeding schedule is CRITICAL to a successful grow. Our feed chart is specifically developed for specimen plants, resulting in superior quality crops with outstanding weight and yield, designed to really push your plants on the way to reach their maximum potential.


To start with you have to activate your nutrients and additives with boiling water, if you're not sure how to do this read this article for info on how to do this. Once you've got all your bottles sorted and ready to go you can start with the mixing up of the feed.


Each week needs a different ratio of each nutrient and additive which is perfectly balanced to your plants' requirements on a week to week basis. You start with your water, be it a watering can, bucket or full reservoir; the thing you need to know is how many litres of water you've got. The numbers on the chart are displayed as ml/10l, so for example, week one needs no additives, 4ml Microbase, 4ml Grow and 4ml Bloom in 10litres of water. If you have a reservoir you can scale up the measurements, a 100l tank would need 40ml Microbase, 40ml Grow and 40ml Bloom. Easy!

The EC measurements at the bottom of the chart are the ranges that you'll get on your EC measurement device if mixed up correctly. As hard and soft water contain different minerals straight out of the tap they read differently on an EC meter, so your target EC's for each week will be lower if you live in a soft water area and higher if you live in a hard water area.


When it comes to using additives in your feed, it's crucial you mix them in correctly, otherwise you'll get crazy EC readings and unmanageable pH levels. To start with, you should mix in your additives FIRST in your water followed by the base nutrients, this will keep your EC levels consistent and behaving correctly.


Once you've got your food and additives mixed up you'll need to get your pH levels right. During the Vegetative stages of your plants grow cycle you'll want to start you pH at pH5.6 and let it swing through until the next water change. By the end of the week it should read at pH6.6. During the Flowering stages your pH should be set to pH5.9 to start with and again let this go through the ranges until the next water change, it'll finish up at pH6.6 by the end of the week.

If you follow these simple tips and keep to the measurements in the feed chart you'll finish your grow with some very healthy, thriving plants that are producing seriously heavy hitting crops in weight, quality and overall yield size.

If you've used the Genesis Formula before and want to add your experience, comment below!

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